About the Director

Noa Ben Hagai Graduated in 2004 from the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School – Jerusalem and Completed her M.F.A in Film &Television studies at the Tel Aviv University in 2009.

2005-2010 Director of “Einstein in the Holy Land” – a film following the journey of Albert Einstein’s through his journal entries of his trip in the Holy Land; 50min documentary for Channel 1 – Israel.

2004- Co-Director & Editor of “Post Cards from Home” – a personal narrative of youth in the city of Ramla; 10 episodes documentary series for Channel 2 – Israel.

2003- Director, Producer & Editor of “Brave Land” (graduation film) – a personal journey to Cuba; 50min documentary for Channel 2 – Israel.

2002- Editor of the Cannes film Festival third place winner at Cin’foundation, “Questions of a Dead Worker”, as well as the award winning film “A Different War”.


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